How do I refer an account?
     Accounts may be submitted by email, fax, tape drop, or by mail. A copy of the itemized bill showing services rendered, information sheet showing responsible party, address, home and business number, social security number (if provided), date of birth, spousal information, and any cell numbers. If submitting an NSF check, a copy is sufficient. We are unable to collect on fraud, forgery or lost/stolen checks.

How long should I wait to place an account?
      There is no exact science, however for best results, an account should be referred within 90-120 days for maximum recovery.

Why 90-120 days?
      Some people change addresses frequently and our skiptracing abilities can help locate people and recover your money.

Can I send statements once an account has been submitted?
      NO, this may be considered harassment.

Can I place older accounts?
      Yes, however the statute of limitations is 4 years. We can still collect for you, but cannot pursue litigation.

Can I list accounts that have been previously turned over to another collection agency?
      Yes, however before placing them with our agency, you must cancel the accounts with the previous agency and then submit them to us along with a copy of the cancellation letter. Contact our sales staff for pricing on second placements.

Can I turn over a patient/consumer if they are making payments?
      Yes, you can refer anyone to collections at any time.

Do I have to notify a patient/consumer that I am sending them to collections?
      No, the law does not state that a creditor must notify the patient/consumer before assigning an account.

Does the agency report to the Credit Bureaus?
      Yes, we report twice a month to all three credit repositories: Trans Union, Experian and Equifax.

How long do you wait to remit funds?
      We remit once a month on the last day of the month and checks are mailed no later than the 5th of each month.

How often do you send reports?
      We can provide monthly, quarterly, semi or annual progress reports.

Is there a minimum dollar amount?
      No, we collect on any amount that is delinquent. However, most clients submit accounts that are at least $10.00.

Is there a minimum on accounts placed?
      No, you can submit one account or as many as you want.

How much is your fee?
      A no collection, no fee is understood on all accounts. Our rates haven’t changed in 40 years. Please call our sales staff for our rate schedule.